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When it comes to choosing insulation, you'll have quite a few options and most products on the market will do the job pretty well. But one WA insulation product offers consumers not only excellent product efficiency and quality, but also an insulation that is completely dust and fibre free, light-weight and waterproof.

All Thermosealed Batts are completely self-contained inside a water-proof cover, so a layer of these inside your roof will effectively provide a water-proof barrier for your ceiling.
And because they are self-contained there are no loose fibres or irritants, making them perfect for health conscious people or those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Each Thermosealed Batt is made up of an aluminiumised cover, a layer of cellulose fibre, and a layer of air. And the air not only makes Thermosealed Batts more efficient, their light weight also puts less stress on the ceiling and, if you decide to install them yourself, less strain on your back. If you don't like the roofspace, then Thermosealed Batts can do a professional installation for you at a reasonable price.

The Batts are laid out in the roofspace and each batt can be moulded to fit any space or shape. And because they do fit so snugly, Thermosealed Batts provide maximum efficiency and insulation performance.

Thermosealed Batts can supply and install superior quality insulation quickly and easily into any roofspace. Give them a call for more information or to arrange an obligation free quote. And if you call before the end of the month, mention Home in WA, Thermosealed Batts will give you R3.0 Batts for the price of R2.5 Batts. If you're not ready to install just yet, give them a call anyway, and they'll hold that offer for you.