Hotbutt - The Poly Pipe Welder

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Ian Kreplins or Michael Brophy



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Now here's a product that going to be of great interest to everyone who has poly pipe reticulation on their property and has ever faced the problem of joining one section to another or replacing sections that have split and leaking like a sieve.

It's even more important to all our country friends with huge areas to reticulate, be it orchards, market gardens, vineyards or the home paddock.

Joining and mending poly piping is very time consuming and expensive. Connectors, elbows and tee-sections can cost a small fortune. The other thing too is, that split pipes can lie under the surface and go undetected, resulting in the loss of precious water.

The answer to all those poly pipe problems is the Hotbutt Poly Pipe Welder, a simple, West Australian invention that eliminates spending time and money on all those joining and waste water situations.

Michael Brophy and his friend Ian Kreplins invented the Hotbutt Welder and it's already won numerous design awards including Farm Inventor of the Year and Innovative Horticulture Award

A simple pair of jumper leads plus the lightweight Hottbutt welder, the power from your car battery and a few minutes of your time is all you need to join or mend any break in your poly pipe run. And that's fantastic when you're out in the field and far away from your 240 volt power source.

For more information on the Hottbutt Poly Pipe Welder, contact Michael Brophy or Ian Kreplins on 9351 5848 or check out all their details on their website. You can link through from our program home page at