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Energy-wise design in homes and home appliances is the way of the future … AlintaGas and home building companies like Webb and Brown-Neaves are perfect examples of this.

Webb and Brown-Neaves, part of the Dale-Alcock Group, prides itself on constructing homes that are energy efficient and look to a sustainable future.

They take into account factors such as positioning of the house on the block and the use of natural energy, or sun light.

Webb and Brown-Neaves have a strong partnership with AlintaGas – which also prides itself on providing clean, green and instant gas for warmth for heating, cooking, hot water and of course your barbecue.

By using AlintaGas you pay one low price regardless of how much gas you use. There are no off peak rates, no matter what time of the day or night you use it….the more AlintaGas you use, the cheaper it is.

For more information about the benefits of being Alintagas energywise check out our website … or the Webb and Brown-Neaves website at