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In the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the laundry, we all use hundreds of litres of hot water every week. And if you're paying to heat every one of those litres, the cost in money and environmental impact can be enormous. Fortunately, there is a way to heat your hot water using an energy source that's completely free and is environmentally responsible a Solar hot water system.

The advantages of using solar power to heat your hot water are obvious, but what if you live in a cooler climate or if your home is well-shaded? Well, that's where the booster system comes in. And if you don't have the most efficient and durable Solar Hot Water System available, you could be paying unnecessary gas or electric booster costs.

With an Edwards Solar Hot Water system you can already save you up to 95% off your hot water bill, and their latest innovation can cut a further 80% off your booster costs.

The Edwards Comfort is their new, on-demand Gas hot water heater that uses Solar energy as a major contributor. And its won Edwards Hot Water a "Live Energy Smart Brand Champion" award at the recent Sustainable Energy Development Authority Awards.

Conventional gas-boosted Solar Hot Water Systems heat the entire tank if the contents fall below a certain temp. The solar component of the Edwards Comfort pre-heats the water before it passes through the gas system, which will only switch on if the water temp falls below 50 degrees. This means that even when the booster is required, the system uses less gas because it is always heating water that has already been warmed by solar panels.

This system is an energy efficient, environmentally sound option that can be fitted to any of Edwards' Solar systems. Which system you choose will depend on where you live, how many people are in the household, which way your home faces and even the pitch of your roof. So it's important to talk to your Edwards Solar Hot Water distributor about the system that's right for your home or commercial needs.

You can find your nearest Edwards Solar Hot Water System distributor or find out more about the Edwards Comfort by calling 13 29 49 and you'll be connected directly to the distributor nearest you.