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Even though we have one of the best fire brigades and volunteer services in the country, there is no guarantee, in extreme cases, even they will be able to protect every home and every family.

Every home owner should create their own 'CIRCLE OF SAFETY' by reducing the fuel levels around their house. Make sure you have at least a 20 metre clear circle around your house.

If you have a semi rural property or hobby farm take responsibility to do you best to reduce fire fuel! Clean out the gutters where a build up of leaves and twigs is an ideal fire fodder. Remember burning embers from a bush fire can travel up to one kilometre. Make sure there is no loose timber or flammable junk close to your house. Store liquids in the shed and make sure leaves and such are cleared away from under trees. Trim ALL over grown trees close to your house, get a professional contractor to trim trees away from power lines.

Bush fires are a frightening and devestating thing so create your 'Circle Of Safety' and be bush fire ready.

Safety Tips Recap

1. Burning embers from a bushfire can travel up to 1 km. These can land in or near your house and trees close to your house can be a potential hazard. Trim overhanging branches away from roofs ,windows and glass doors and get a professional contractor to clear trees from powerlines.

2. Here's a tip. Walk around your property and check if there's any fire traps you might regret in a bush fire. Rake up leaf litter and twigs under trees and check that there's no wood piled up against your house.

3. Leaves in gutters can contribute toward a fire getting into your roof. You may need to keep cleaning out your gutters all through the summer months to ensure your 'Circle Of Safey'.

4. Bush fires season is predicted to be bad this summer...make sure grass is no more than 5cm in height. This will minimise the likelihood of flame contact with buildings.