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Today I'm in the South West, Bunbury to be precise. A much loved area for those in their later years, and a place where Bethanie is a well known name within the neighbourhood.

But did you know Bethanie has taken care to another level and provide the best possible quality of care available. Bethanie offer a list of aged care services and along the way have created a number of social centres... all part of Bethanie's commitment to the community.

Community care in Australia has changed significantly over the past year or so, with a consumer directed care focus that puts the customer in control of their care. The good thing is, Bethanie has had over 60 years of excellent customer service in aged care, meaning it’s well positioned to help with your care needs. 

Now there's quite the range of ‘at home’ aged care services available, ranging from light gardening and domestic assistance to more thorough nursing and personal care. Services can be tailored to assist you with daily needs, and can start as simple as help getting out and about, or assistance with light maintenance and keeping the house clean. 

There's a good chance Bunbury locals have come across Bethanie's Eaton Social Centre too... or at least sensed their rapture when passing by. Behind these kinds of venues is a very clear purpose; to provide a platform where like minded people can remain connected to the community. And enjoy a good old fashioned cuppa... lets not forget that.