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Our climate here in WA, is perfect for owning your own pool. What could be better during our hot summers than spending a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun - safely of course. You'll be able to take a cool, refreshing dip whenever you feel like it, the kids will love it, it's great for entertaining, and it'll increase the value of your home.

Now, while the advantages of owning your own pool are obvious, many potential pool owners are put off by the prospect of having to maintain their pool. Well, the good news, is that innovations in product design mean that owning a pool is now more relaxing than ever.

Products like in-floor cleaning jets and chemical injections mean that your new pool will actually clean itself.

Buccaneer Swimming Pools is a Western Australian family owned company who have been supplying quality fibreglass and concrete pools to the residential and commercial market for more than 33 years.

The team at Buccaneer can help you to decide on just which pool will suit your needs and your budget, whether it's a custom-designed concrete pool or one of their great range of fibre-glass models.

And fibreglass pool finishes now allow you to have even more fun with your new pool. Buccaneer's new Opalstone and Galaxy Cyber finishes not only offer superior durability, they let you coordinate your pool to your personality.

Buccaneer Pools have a new brochure available soon that will show you all the options in quality swimming pools. Contact them on the numbers below to get your copy, or for any information on new pool maintenance products.