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With today’s smaller block sizes and more people choosing to grow their own food we need to find more ingenious ways to fit a lot more into our gardens.  Raised garden beds in full sun to partial shade are ideal.  Always improve the soil first by digging in some organic matter or compost before planting.

Gardens today need smaller fruit trees, and now there are many different types of fruit specially grown on dwarfing rootstocks that will fit into almost any garden or even on a balcony.  These rootstocks keep the plants to around two metres in height even when fully grown so you can always reach the fruit to harvest it.

My tip is to always soak your fruit trees in a Seasol solution prior to planting to help reduce the shock of transplanting.  Gently tap the trees out of their pots and place them in the middle of the planting hole, backfill around the sides and firm the soil mix around the plant.  

I like to plant herbs beneath my fruit trees as the trees provide some shade during the warmer summer months in WA and extra light in winter.  To finish off always water in your plants with Seasol to stimulate strong root growth and encourage beneficial soil microorganisms.

Find out more at and Seasol is available in a range of easy to use packs at all good garden centres and retailers.