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As gardens become smaller, it can often become more difficult to find the space to grow plants.  However we only need to look back in history to solve our problems, like the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’.  

Vertical gardens or ‘greenwalls’ have become the ‘latest trend’ for modern homes and apartments and have been made popular by the inspirational work of Patrick Blanc, the ‘Godfather of the greenwall’.  So let us show you how you to change your ugly wall into an inspirational and productive garden

The Holman GreenWall is designed to make vertical or hanging gardens easy to set up and maintain.  A drab wall can be easily transformed into a beautiful growing space indoors or outside and it also incorporates a pre-installed professional irrigation system.  The convenient panels can be interconnected and arranged to create numerous patterns.  Always check the panels are level with a spirit level before drilling the holes for the steel bracket.  Fix the bracket to the wall with the wall plugs and screws and finally hang the panel on the bracket.

For our Greenwall we are using a selection of plants from the ‘No More Gaps’ range at Bunnings as they are lower growing, compact plants that respond to trimming if required and will grow well in harsh Australian conditions.  Colin has chosen a selection of succulents, grassy plants, ground covers, dwarf foliage shrubs and bromeliads.  You can plant randomly or create a design like Colin.

The other critical element for a greenwall is the soil or potting mix.  Conventional potting mixes can be too heavy and hold too much or too little water.  Professional vertical gardens have mixes specially formulated for them.  Now this mix is available to home gardeners.  

Richgro Vertical Garden Planting Mix is the perfect solution to boost the growth of your vertical garden, hanging basket or rooftop garden and has been formulated using the finest available ingredients.  It includes coco peat to retain moisture, perlite to keep the mix light and trace elements for improved plant health. This mix has also been pH adjusted to provide optimal growing conditions for all your plants.

Vegetables and herbs are perfect for vertical gardens and this Herbaceous range will mean that you can be picking and eating fresh food from right outside your door.
Hardy herb and vegetable selections are thyme, marjoram, parsley and chives as well as fast growing oakleaf lettuce and silver beet. Taller plants are best positioned on the top row.

Hang the pots on the panels and position the individual dripper with spikes into the potting mix.  Then place the drip trays underneath the pots to collect any excess water.  Connect the hose from a tap with the pressure reducer and filter to keep the water free of dirt and debris and then click into any of the entry points on the panel and turn on the water.  

A battery operated electronic misting tap timer takes the guesswork out of watering to put you in control.  The easy to use digital timer makes setting multiple start times a breeze.

There is no excuse for an ugly wall anymore.  Why not design yourself a Greenwall to beautify your home and garden and even feed your family!  But remember if your plants are living on the edge they need the right mix….Richgro Vertical Planting Mix and Holman.

The new Richgro Vertical Garden Planting Mix and Holman GreenWall, as well as all the plants are available from Bunnings and leading garden centres. 

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