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Richard Hounslow



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We all know a swim in the backyard pool can give so much joy, for your family and your friends. But what if I can show you how to double or even triple your swimming season. Not only that but save time, money and do your bit for the environment. Well now we’re talking!

Thanks to the clever people at 'Sunbather', Australia’s largest and most trusted name in pool heating, getting the most out of your swimming pool this summer is easy. 

You see it’s not only their advanced technology and award winning products that beats the rest; it’s their unrivalled 40 years of experience that guarantees you the best solar heating system available to keep your pool hotter, for longer.
Sunbather is Australia’s most awarded solar pool heating company, leading the industry with their innovation and long lasting product designs. Not only that, but it’s all made right here in Australia.

You can literally triple the use of your pool with Sunbather Solar Heating and it costs barely anything to run. Just think of those early morning swims, and late night swims after the kids are in bed, feeling comfortable that your pool is being heated using free energy from the sun. 

Sunbather is the right choice for your pocket and the planet, so give them a call on 1300 669 047 or check out for a free pool heating audit and quote.