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No one likes a green pool. Check the photo out on your right!     Is your pool like that?   Then here's the good news, PoolWerx have everything you need to get your pool back into shape before summer.

With regular maintenance and water testing your pool will be looking it's best in no time. Poolwerx will ensure your pool is healthy and ready for that family BBQ. With their mobile maintenance vehicles Poolwerx will come to you and can deliver pool supplies, offer expert pool maintenance and pool safety advice, provide replacements for existing pool equipment and guarantee you have a clean pool all year round.

And if you’re into DIY why not come into your local Poolwerx store and get your water tested for FREE….

It really pays to invest in having your pool safe and healthy for your friends and family, and with Poolwerx you can do just this. They’ll give you piece of mind that your pool is in great hands.