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In spring there are always lots of jobs to do in the garden like pulling out weeds and pruning and as the weather warms up many plants are surging into growth so now is the time to tidy them up.  Colin pruned back some of the lush foliage plants around the pool area to keep them compact and to encourage new bushy growth.  But all that new growth will require a good feed.

Previously we have shown you before the benefits of the fast acting liquid fertiliser Powerfeed from the makers of Seasol.  Now they have developed a new organically enriched granular Powerfeed plant food that will improve both your plants and your soil.  

Powerfeed with Troforte Microbe Technology delivers a unique balance of slow and quick release nutrients to all plants including natives over a six to eight week period.  It boosts vigorous healthy growth and stimulates flowering and fruiting by providing the essential nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium plus it also adds iron, magnesium, calcium and trace elements.  Sprinkle between 1 and 2 scoops per square metre around the drip line of your plants and then mix it into the top 5cm of the soil.

The granular Powerfeed formula also contains specific granules, which are organically coated with up to 24 strains of Australian cultured beneficial microbes. These microbes work to help improve soil structure and assist plants in the uptake of nutrients.  They can also help to protect plants from soil borne diseases.
These beneficial microbes live in a dormant state within a special organic coating on the fertiliser.  They are activated within 30 minutes when they come in contact with moisture and start searching for nutrients and minerals in the soil.   As the bacteria digest these nutrients in the soil they become slowly available to feed your plants so there is no wastage.  So always water them in thoroughly after application.

This new granular formulation can be safely used on the whole garden and is perfect for fruit, vegies and herbs.  In spring give them a light trim and then an application of Powerfeed granular plant food with Troforte Microbe Technology to encourage new healthy growth.  Flowering plants can also be trimmed back and fertilized and before long you will soon be enjoying beautiful flowers.  Remember to always wait a couple of weeks after planting to apply Powerfeed with Troforte.

So every time you feed your plants with the new PowerFeed granular fertiliser with Troforte Microbe Technology you will not only get great results but you will continually improve and bring life to your soil…. Now that seems like a good idea.

Powerfeed with Troforte is available exclusively at Bunnings hardware stores but if you want more info go to