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Research has identified that in order for an Aged Care organisation to embrace change.. the ‘us and them’ barriers between the staff and care recipients must be removed.    

Here at Bethanie they understand that, and seeing that it’s Dementia awareness month, I’ve come along to join in their morning tea to find out more.

There are six key elements that Bethanie is recognising for providing person-centred care. These are: Wellbeing, Communication, Care      Planning, Environment, Education and Partnerships. Cinzia asked Chris How, CEO of Bethanie to explain the Bethanie Dementia Approach.

Bethanie have a wellbeing clinic at every residential facility, which offers a range of therapies from massage to acupuncture and reflexology. 
However if you are living at home, Bethanie provide support and community services including social centres and memory clinics.

During Dementia Awareness Month, Bethanie are running free Seminars in various locations to help reduce the stigma and myths about Dementia. 

Cinzia asked Michelle Harris, the Bethanie Dementia Consultant, why it is so important for the staff, family and care patients to be educated about Dementia.

Dementia impacts the whole family, and the stress involved in coming to terms with a diagnosis cannot be underestimated. A supportive, caring, and understanding environment can be the key to peace of mind.
For further information on the seminars running throughout Dementia Awareness Month call 131 151.Or visit

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