Seasol 'Powerfeed'

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The makers of Seasol have also developed an organically based liquid fertilizer that when combined with Seasol provides the ideal combination for the improved growth and health of your plants, it’s called Powerfeed.

The unique formula of Powerfeed combines the benefits of macro – nutrients and trace elements, proteins, amino acids, fish and natural soil conditioners to boost overall plant growth and vigour.  Just five capfuls in a watering can are all that is required for great tasting fruit, vegies and herbs.

Powerfeed also contains liquid composts, which stimulate beneficial soil microbial activity, promoting good soil structure and increasing nutrient availability, so it looks after plants above and below the ground.

The ready-to-use 2-litre Powerfeed hose-on spray pack can be safely used on the entire garden, all you have to do is just click on the hose.  For a dynamic plant boost apply PowerFeed every couple of weeks for great looking and tasting plants and vegies.  

Powerfeed is available at all leading nurseries, garden centres and hardware stores but if you want more info go to