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Today we are going to be talking Modular homes, but straight off the bat I want to let you into a bit of Insider’s / Industry secret. Right now, builders of Modulars are super keen to win your business in both Regional and Metro areas.

Modular homes have been a popular choice in WA’s regional areas for quite some time now, however the method is certainly growing in popularity and is now becoming more widely used in inner city and suburban areas.

Modular homes are great for so many reasons.. They are built off site, they come in a range of sizes from Granny Flats to high-end luxury Homes built in well-established areas, they are quicker in Production and they are cost effective.

In 2013, Master Builders created the Modular Construction Committee, a council made up of modular builders, suppliers and government agencies to support the growing interest and use of construction in Western Australia. Cinzia caught up with Geoff Cooper from Master Builders to find out how the Modular Committee come about and what are their plans for the industry.

There are a number of Australian companies who now manufacture modular buildings and materials. 

One local company leading the way is Master Builders member, McGrath Modular, who build high quality, customised, modular homes. Ian Ginbey from McGrath Modular informed us about the changing trends in the Modular Industry.

It’s also great to know that Modular building allows high-energy efficient homes using innovative materials and products. 

Which means of course.. a greater cost saving for you.

So if you are looking to build a new home or add to your existing one.. why not consider Modular… For some reason I’m really interested in Modulars right now… (Looks at the Tiramisu.. picks it up) Told you they were keen to win your business..

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