Subiaco Restoration

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Tim Stokes



08 9444 9900

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0403 254 262

47 McDonald St
Osborne Park WA 6017

You might be tempted to think a place called Subiaco Restoration would be in Subiaco. But it's not... it's in Osborne Park of course! The reason being? Well, the family owned business started out in subi selling items to restorers and renovators, but has grown so large and diverse it now needs an incredible amount of space. 

There's the machinery to create almost any shaped skirting. All the guys need is a small section and they'll have it matched up in no time.

By the way, have a look at their blade stock. Thirty years of hoarding behind this collection.

In their drive through warehouse you'll find their design Pine range. Now this is great stuff, it's pre primed, treated against rot and termites, and uses finger joint technology.

And it's completely free from warps and defects.

The staff  are part of the furniture. They've been here for ever and when it comes time for advise, they know exactly what they're on about.