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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

David Gabrielli



08 9248 4088

33 Action Road
Malaga WA 6090

Located conveniently in Malaga, ACCESS UNLIMITED stock a huge range of safety gear for the home front, so you can come in, ask all the questions you want, and take home the right solution for your needs.

Even the antenna man or the roof repairer these days has the latest safety gear. It’s the home owner or “weekend warrior” who’s at greatest risk. 

The range of equipment available is fantastic….  From harnesses, ladder gutter brackets, roof anchors, ladder stabilizers, tool trays to height safety kits that come in a convenient carry bag. These make a very useful birthday or Christmas present, especially for Dad or Grandad. Save that dreaded phone call … where there’s been a nasty accident!....

There are many reasons we need to get up onto the roof….. cleaning gutters, repairing tiles, adjusting antennas and a newer common one will be to clean solar panels 
ACCESS UNLIMITED are also leaders in commercial and industrial equipment and training. They offer Working at Heights and Confined Space training related courses, at their state of the art safety training centre in Malaga. 

Their instructors are highly experienced and the training facility has the capability to realistically simulate a range of domestic and industrial working environments.

The best thing about coming out to the shop, is the fact that you can get the right advice from people who are specialists… and you can actually be shown how things work.
ACCESS UNLIMITED has an extensive website so you can have a browse at everything that’s available before you come into the shop. And of course you can place your order on line if you know exactly what you need.

There really isn’t any excuse for putting yourself at risk these days …. Because ACCESS UNLIMITED … can keep you safe.