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I LOVE being a WA girl. And I LOVE being back home and living in Western Australia. There’s something about our state that is just magical.

Whether it’s the beaches, the rivers, the parks, or the clear blue skies, we certainly have some of the most beautiful and clean landscapes in the world.  

Which is why it’s so fantastic to see Master Builders Association members - like Earth Care and BGC Residential stepping up to create new recycling initiatives to help keep Western Australia Beautiful.

Here at the Lend Lease Alkimos Beach Greenfields site, Earthcare has partnered with BCG Residential to establish a facility right next door, providing a range of recycling methods directly back to the site through source separation.

In Western Australia,  at last count, over 3 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste was produced, 40% of which was recycled.
So it’s imperative that our builders are becoming conscious of the methods available to them to help reduce waste. 

Cinzia caught up with Earthcare Recycling Director Alan Nelson to find out more. She asked Alan about the new ideas in recycling at the moment and what processes are being implemented at the site?

“Well Cinzia we have a number of methods in place including:

Timber off cuts turned into pallets, Rubble reused as road base ,Metals recycled and sold overseas, Cardboard packaged and sold overseas, Undamaged bricks sold externally or reused on site and Excess sand taken away and reused.”

Partnering with Earthcare at Alkimos Beach is BGC Residential and I’m keen to hear from the builders why Recycling is so important to them.
Cinzia spoke to Mark Anderson the site supervisor BGC to find out more.

She asked Mark why did BGC Residential partner with Earthcare for the recycling facility at Alkimos Beach?

“Well It’s important for the industry to demonstrate we are tackling the issue and being more environmentally aware. We can reduce impact of increasing landfill levy, and cut costs for clients (eg reusing bricks).”

It’s clear to see that the Building Industry is taking Waste Management very seriously and becoming more environmentally aware. Alkimos Beach by Lend Lease is a great example of just that.

Earthcare is able to recycle and reuse in excess of 90% of the collected waste using these methods. If all builders did this, we would hit our target to double recycling rates. This shows that there is a smart way to reduce waste. That’s pretty impressive. It’s great news for home buyers, the building industry and most importantly, great news for our beautiful WA environment.

Visit the Master Builders Smart Waste Guide for further information at www.mbawa/smartwaste. 

And to see this story again after todays show, or for any contact details visit homeinwa.com.au. It’s all there.