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It’s all very good to have a lovely shiny floor that looks a million dollars…. But a worry if it’s going to be a hazard to walk on.
Well MEGASEALED AUSTRALIA  have all the solutions….

After assessing the slip level of your floor, and depending on your desired outcome, a MEGASEALED consultant will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your floor. The treatment is then carefully applied by the trained consultant to make your slippery surface “non slip”

A point really worth noting is that MEGASEALED AUSTRALIA even offer “free in home quotes”. So instead of just quoting “site unseen” over the phone their consultant will come out to you, identify the problem, and firm up a quote right there and then.  

With a high slip resistant rating MEGAGRIP is a perfect solution for indoor areas such as the bathroom and shower recesses. MEGAGRIP is generally applied as part of MEGASEALED’s stop leaking shower service to mosaic tiled shower floors.  

And MEGAGRIP HEAVY DUTY is ideal for providing very high slip resistance solutions for stairs, outdoor and commercial areas…..usually fixed in small safety strips.

So, it’s that easy to get your house or business floor surfaces safe before someone takes a nasty fall.