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Most of us watch home renovation shows ….  Something that really makes a kitchen “really special” is a classy stone bench top. But natural stone deteriorates unless you live in a “display home”.

This is where MEGASEALED AUSTRALIA can get your stone bench tops looking as good as the first day they were installed! Many people assume that stone is a permanent material that doesn’t require maintenance or care. 

After new stone is installed, permanent damage often occurs from neglect, incorrect cleaning methods and using chemicals that are not formulated for natural stone care. 
So all you need is a “helpful” guest or one of the kids to get stuck into the stone top with the wrong scourer or a pot to be dropped accidentally and you will end up with chips and scratching that really detracts from what should be a beautiful surface.

MEGASEALED will bring dull, scratched and lifeless stone back to life. Restoring your stone will remove light scratches, remove or reduce marks in stone, remove or reduce stains and bring the stone back to life with either a gloss or a honed finish. All stone should be sealed upon completion to protect against stains.

With as little as one treatment by MEGASEALED every few years, will keep your lovely bench tops looking just like a “display home”!