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Elgas Ltd


131 161

Units 9 & 10 (Level 1), 50 William St
Beckenham WA 6107

Using ELGAS LPG, no matter where you are, means more efficient heating, continuous flow hot water and greater control in the kitchen - and with the Elgas Welcome Package, new customers can get $80 worth of gas credits and special customer only discounts on brand name LPG appliances. You can even sign up for an automatic delivery service from one of their 500 delivery tankers so you can just connect it and forget it!

Elgas have designed a nifty little app to help you keep on top of your LPG gas right from your smartphone or ipad. This means you can check your account balance, place an order, pay an invoice or check on your delivery, wherever you are and at any time of day - it’s quick, easy and great for both home or commercial use. For more information,  go to elgas.com.au or call 131 161