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The Government land levy on sending waste to landfill, has increased five fold, so it’s very important to find a builder that will help reduce those levy costs.

To help minimize the cost impact of the levy you can now look for a builder who is knowledgeable in “Smart Waste” practices.

A new initiative between Master Builders and the Waste Authority, has been to develop a “Smart Waste” program for its members. 

Smart builders are switching to waste service providers, who recover materials to reduce levy costs. Modifying designs and quantities to reduce waste and establishing a Waste Management Plan, to lock in best practice.

These methods to reduce, reuse and recycle means that companies are environmentally conscious and are potentially able to minimize the cost of land levy increases.

Consumers should ask their builder if they are using smart waste practices, and if they’re not they should consider visiting mbawa.com/smartwaste for further info.