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Tough as Jarrah, environmentally responsible and simply beautiful, It's Bamboo has the range and quality for your home.

The facts:
A premium quality bamboo floor, which is suited to WA conditions, starts with a good quality raw material. Bamboo grows to as tall as 15 metres within its first 6 months, but it takes another 5 years to develop its strength. So, you need to make sure your bamboo flooring is made from properly aged bamboo.

It's Bamboo flooring creations, for example, source only materials that meet ISO standards, and they place extra emphasis on the structural integrity of each board.

Each floorboard is made up of a series of cross-laminated strips of bamboo, and if you check some bamboo flooring and you'll find gaps between the laminated strips and these gaps will eventually cause your bamboo floor to lift, split, bow or crack.

By manufacturing a more uniform and exact board, It's Bamboo flooring creations can produce a superior bamboo flooring that is more stable and easier and faster to install. And they've included manufacturing processes and finishes that are specially suited to Australian conditions.

It's Bamboo installers all are fine-quality cabinet makers. And installation is clean and quick because It's Bamboo flooring is pre-finished in a super-hard 7-coat polyurethane, so there's no messy sanding dust and no dangerous fumes or chemicals.

The finish itself is extremely hard wearing, making Its Bamboo an ideal solution for heavy traffic areas.
It's Bamboo has their own unique colour range and their new exclusive range of styles offer a longer 1.8 metre board length, creating an overall effect reminiscent of a traditional timber floor, but with the added character of Bamboo.

Be warned though, not all Bamboo flooring material is the same. There are a number of suppliers in WA who import and install cheaper quality products which have shown over time to crack, warp and peel. The last thing you want is a floor that needs to be torn up over and over again because the quality is not suited to our dry conditions. You are far better off to spend a little more initially, then never have to worry about your floor.

The mobile showroom will come to you, 6 days a week, so when quality matters, phone It's Bamboo for your free measure and quote.