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There's currently a much needed cultural change going on in the building industry - a lot more is being done to divert the building waste that ends up in landfill. An initiative between Master Builders, the Waste Authority and Murdoch University is conducting research into better recycling opportunities for builders. With recycling and waste management practices being a hot topic in the building and construction industry at the moment  - due to a new waste levy that has increased landfill rates from $28 per tonne to $55 per tonne with further staged increases that will see the levy increase to $70 per tonne by July 2019, - Right Homes are leading the way for sustainable homes and recycling. 
Achieving great success with recycling on the Right Homes construction sites - everything from sand, bricks, plastic straps and cardboard and steel are being given another life by being reused or turned into new building materials like picket fences, fill aggregate and road bases - all benefitting the environment, the builders and the pockets of the customers. 

By partnering with Murdoch University, the students are investigating new methods of cutting down on waste streams to landfill - so that companies like Right Homes have the backing of Master Builders to ensure better and more efficient building practices for the future. 

To find out more about this Master Builders’ initiative, backed by the Waste Authority, head to www.mbawa.com/smartwaste