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Peter Hodgson



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To go to the gym these days means forking out a lot of cash. Combine this with our busy schedules and we have a growing need for home gym equipment.

In the past it’s been tricky fitting equipment into our homes, however the team at Orbit Fitness have come up with some outstanding ways to incorporate gym equipment into our daily life with no hassle.

And today we’re going to take you through some of Orbit’s best fitness equipment ideal for your home, starting with the always-popular treadmill. 

Check out the Startrack Treadmill,  it will give you an efficient aerobic workout plus it has a high performance monitor that will give you 15 personal training programs for weight loss, endurance and more. This treadmill is easy to move, it folds up and can be efficiently stored in your home in any corner.

Using a treadmill for about 30 mins a day, a few times a week can improve sleep, increase your energy and stamina and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

For those of you out there, who want to feel a little more comfortable, when exercising or perhaps you have back problems that prevent cycling then a recumbent bike might work for you.

You’ve got the comfort of an airflow backrest mixed with the efficiency of a bike.  You’ll still get a great calorie burn and cardio exercise but you won’t have the strain of a normal indoor bike. 

Orbit Fitness has everything you need when it comes to home gyms and training. For more info on some of the amazing machines you’ve seen today head to orbitfitness.com.au or pop into one of their ten stores around WA.