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Even if you can’t connect to the gas mains - you can still use LPG for all your gas appliances - like the hot water system and home heating. LPG water heaters far outperform conventional electric hot water heaters. If you were to compare a gas hot water system with an electric one, you’d find that not only is the running cost lower than the electric, but that the Co2 emissions are much lower too. And with rising electricity prices, this gap will only get bigger as time goes by.

Elgas make connecting to gas easy - no matter how rural your home or business is. And with 24/7 service, over 500 delivery  trucks and an app that makes maintaining your gas super simple - you can rest easy knowing that you get the benefits of using gas, hassle free. 

Get in touch with ELGAS now to find out more about their new customer offers inlcuding $80 gas credits and LPG brand name appliance discounts.

www.elgas.com.au 131 161.