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How often have you had to pop a pair of goggles on just to be able to swim in your pool? Well let me tell you that your goggle days are over because now you can convert your pool to a mineral one easily with Poolwerx. 

Mineralisation softens pool and spa water for a silky smooth swimming experience like no other. It’s so nice to not have red, puffy eyes, or tangled hair and to have that gorgeous fresh feeling on your skin after your swim. 

With Poolwerx a mineral pool conversion is both cost effective and easy to implement. The health benefits are huge; it’s almost like having a beauty treatment on your hair, skin and body. 

A mineral pool is great for allergy sufferers and has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. So you can relax and know that your pool is safe for the whole family 

For more information on mineral pool conversions head to the Poolwerx website at poolwerx.com.au