Master Builders Part 3

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Each week the HOME in WA team does their best to bring to you the latest discoveries and this week is no exception. You see Perth now has so many more recycling options for builders, so it's prompted the Master Builders to release a Smart Waste Guide, supported by the Waste Authority.

It’s being driven by a wave of demand by the environmentally aware consumers, consumers requesting builders to share this focus. The Smart Waste Guide aims to help both builders and their contractors reduce the amount of new home building waste being sent to landfill. Materials like bricks, tiles, plastics, metals, soil, cardboard, concrete, almost anything can be recycled... With the recycling rate for construction and demolition waste having improved by more than a third over the past 3 years this really is an initiative that could not have come soon enough!

You see good waste reduction practices, totally embraced by the Master Builders, is just one way they are providing their members with more. However, to take it one step further, they've contracted a Waste Reduction Consultant that can advise and help members reduce the waste being sent to landfill. He can be contacted via the Master Builders on 9476 9800.
One company that has proudly embraced this concept is the Homebuyers Centre. They ensure all waste is separated and recycled where possible. They even one an award for it at this year’s Master Builders BankWest Housing Excellence Awards.

In the not too distant future, there'll be greater attention on the recycling habits of the industry. After all, this focus on the environment is led by YOU, the consumer, a consumer who more than ever is requesting their builder do the best they can to reprocess unused materials.

For more information on the Smart Waste Guide call the Master Builders or check their website at