Bethanie - 60 Year Celebration

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Whether you’re 55 and looking to downsize to a luxurious villa; need a hand with domestic duties and nursing care at home, need help with affordable housing or are looking for higher level care at a Nursing Home, Bethanie has services to help. 

For 60 years Bethanie has been providing warm, friendly and engaging aged care and retirement living across WA. One of the ways that Bethanie does this differently to many providers is by offering a continuum of service across all stages of ageing.
Bethanie has a dedicated and caring staff working behind the scenes to facilitate the continuum. Teams include a 24/7 call centre called Bethanie Connect, a Support Options Team dedicated to helping you find the care you need, an award winning Information technology team, a clinical governance team and even an internal design and developments team who create new Bethanie facilities and maintain the existing ones.
Aged care is constantly changing to meet the changing needs of the population and Bethanie's long history gives them the insight to continue looking forward. 
It may be Bethanie's 60th year, but like all older Western Australians, they have so much to offer the Community and plenty planned for the future. With some major and exciting developments set for 2015, Bethanie is ready for the future challenges of aged care.
Find out more at or give them a call on 131 151 for all the details.

Ph: 131 151