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As one of the few aged care providers to offer all four types of aged care services - residential care, villages, housing and at home community care - Bethanie can cater to a range of lifestyles and budgets, but good care is about so much more than just location and the physical buildings.

Bethanie also  offers a variety of extra services that help customers live happy, healthy lives and at Bethanie On The Park, one of Bethanie's premier residential sites, clients have easy access to the Menora Day Therapy Centre right next door.

Here, you can access professional therapy services at low cost. And Bethanie takes this further by offering dedicated therapy services into their aged care facilities and retirement villages.

Bethanie offers group or individual services designed to improve health and well-being. The group sessions are a great way to socialise and you don't have to be a Bethanie resident to take advantage of their Therapy Centres.

The Menora Day Therapy Centre, for example, is close to the city, easily accessible by public transport and offers Individual Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and podiatry services along with a group program.

Group activities can include Physiotherapy, Balance and falls prevention, Strength and exercise, Occupational Therapy memory and coping with forgetfulness, Stress and relaxation and computer skills.

Bethanie on the Park and Bethanie's other accommodation options provide people with somewhere to live, but it's the range of extra services like affordable and accessible therapy that really demonstrate their philosophy of being about living, not ageing.

Find out more about Bethanie Therapy Centres and their comprehensive range of support services at or give them a call on 131 151.

Ph: 131 151