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Spring has sprung early this year and the nurseries are already full of fruit and vegetable seedlings. You can easily sow your own from seed or get a jump-start on your summer salad and buy small seedlings or plants like us. And before you know it you will be picking your own fresh vegies from the garden.

Tomatoes and basil make perfect partners either in the ground or planted in a large pot or container. Choose a pot at least 40-50cms wide and always use a premium potting mix with the red ticks.  

A great tip is to soak your seedlings in Seasol prior to planting to reduce transplant shock and to really get their roots growing strongly.
Fill up the pot with potting mix, gently tap the tomato plants out of their pots and place them in the middle.

Push in a vegie support for the tomatoes to grow up and then plant some basil around the outside. Then tap the pot to settle the potting mix.  

Finally water in with Seasol to further reduce transplant shock and to produce tougher healthier plants. If you care for your health and the environment, don’t forget to feed your garden and plants every couple of weeks with Seasol and the new Powerfeed Organic, it’s a certified organic fish fertiliser and soil conditioner.
Just add four capfuls of Powerfeed Organic per watering can for the perfect combination, just like tomatoes and basil!
Find Seasol, Powerfeed Organic, tomatoes and basil seedlings at Bunnings stores throughout WA and get ready for those summer salads.