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Over the last few weeks we have shown you how Bentonite clay can be used to improve the poor sandy soils of Perth’s Coastal Plain.  But did you know it can be easily applied to an existing lawn to make a permanent waterwise difference?

If your lawn is growing poorly and struggling even with the addition of fertilisers and regular watering, it may be because the water is not soaking into the root zone and is running off the surface.

There is an easy solution, a light application of dry Watheroo Bentonite clay over the lawn surface.  This special clay is rich in Calcium and Magnesium and is easy to apply, improving the overall health of your lawn and saving water.

Bentonite is the perfect soil wetter and because it is natural, you are not introducing foreign chemicals or impurities to the soil, and there is no run-off into the water table.
Always water it in thoroughly to allow the clay to wash through the grass leaves and be incorporated into the soil. This will improve its overall structure and water holding capacity.  Regular light applications work best rather than a heavy single treatment.

Always add Bentonite clay when planting a new lawn or laying turf to significantly reduce the watering and fertilising requirements of the new lawn.  Watheroo Bentonite is available from all good Garden Centres and Retailers throughout WA or you can find your nearest stockist at