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As the saying goes, time is money. So it makes sense that if you want to save money, whatever it is you’re doing needs to be done quicker. This, it turns out, is the  challenge one Perth builder has set itself. To slash the price of a two story home by having it built in almost half the normal time.

The team at New Level Homes have been making waves in the building industry. After a wide and exhaustive search to develop the most efficient double storey construction method possible, they can now proudly exhibit their first home to be completed with this system.

I get the chance to catch up with General Manager Jim Ilias who explains how the designers construction team have been able to make this happen. Along the way, the build time is about 20 weeks quicker than a typical two storey home, and the savings on this home, the Vanier, is about $50k!

Innovation is the key to it’s success, with energy efficient ideas and incredibly modern styling to ensure the house has street appeal and is the benchmark for the rest of the neighbourhood.