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Summer can be a difficult time for your plants and garden with hot weather, lack of rain and drying winds.  So if you’re thinking of growing vegetables, make sure you choose the best crop varieties suited to growing at this time of year.
So what are the best vegies to grow?  

To beat the heat you need to plant heat loving plants and that means capsicums, chillies, tomatoes, pumpkin, melons, zucchinis and squash.  You can grow them from seed or buy them as small seedlings in punnets and pots.

Whichever method you choose, you need to improve the soil first by digging in plenty of organic matter like aged manure, compost or soil conditioner.

For small vegetable seedlings dig a hole, gently tap the seedlings out of the punnets and then add a quarter of a scoop of Seasol Planting Gel into the bottom of each planting hole.  The non-toxic and environmentally safe crystals are semi-hydrated with Seasol and essential nutrients so they deliver a slow release of nutrients to the plant roots, promoting improved root growth and plant performance.  They also absorb and deliver water for extended periods helping to give your plants the best possible start.

When planting seeds, sow them 10-12mm deep, straight into the soil. Sow 4-5 seeds in each position, and then later thin them out to the two strongest seedlings.
Always check the seed packet for the spacing between each row.  Allow around a metre for pumpkins and 50cm between each clump of plants.  You can even plant them underneath your fruit trees or shrubs in the garden if you have the space.

To boost seed germination, water in with an organic seaweed plant tonic like Seasol.  Always use a watering can with a fine rose to avoid disturbing the seeds.

Your seedlings planted with Seasol Planting Gel should also be watered in with Seasol to further reduce transplant shock and heat stress.  The planting gel will absorb, retain and deliver water including any extra Seasol and nutrients applied to your plants for up to five years.  It’s a perfect reservoir to store and supply Seasol and Powerfeed to your plants when they need it.

An application of Seasol to your whole garden at this time of year will stimulate root growth and strengthen plant cell walls making them more tolerant to stress so they are better equipped to cope with the increased summer heat, drought and attack from pests and diseases.

Remember summer can be a difficult time for your plants and garden, but with the right selection of summer vegies and regular applications of Seasol every couple of weeks you can keep your plants in top condition.  Plus you can enjoy a great feed!

Find Seasol Planting Gel, Seasol and summer vegetable seedlings at all good nurseries and retailers.  To find out more go to