Pool Controls

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Declan Mcguire


1300 550 010

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20 Abrams St
Balcatta WA 6021

I’m here at Pool Controls in Balcatta, now these guys have been in the swimming pool business for almost 35 years and today we’re going to show you how they can help you maintain a healthy looking pool. 

Pool Controls specialize in automated swimming pool sanitation equipment! It’s their passion and they’re the manufacturers of the award winning Chemigem chemical feeder system, the fastest and most efficient way to sanitise your pool. 

Pool Controls offer a great range of options to suit your lifestyle, budget and health requirements. Including their series of salt and mineral salt chlorinators that come in a range of sizes and different levels of automation. 

Now as pool owners we’re used to the usual Chlorine and Salt water set ups but did you know that there’s now a third option? Yep it’s called the Aqua Fresh and it’s the new and completely chlorine free alternative! 

Pool Controls are the first to produce an automated dosing system for Aqua Fresh and are happy to discuss the benefits and range of options available to you. 
The friendly staff at Pool Controls are happy to help you decide on what option best suits your lifestyle.
All their products are backed up by a National Service Team with years of expertise.

Maintaining your pool doesn’t have to be a hassle, whether you’re interested in liquid chlorine, salt, mineral or AquaFresh, Pool Controls are here to help you find the best solution 
So give them a buzz on 1300 550 010 or head to their website poolcontrols.com.au for more information.