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The WA Building industry is absolutely thriving at the moment, builders are in demand and there’s a record amount of construction workers. However because of an aging workforce, there’s still not enough workers to get the job done and that’s where apprentices come in. 

The Master Builders recognise that there’s a need for more apprentices in WA and they’ve stepped up to the challenge by making it easy for builders and subcontractors to find and put on apprentices in 5 easy steps on their website.

They’ve even got a staff member employed to promote and support apprentices throughout their career through the Construction Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme that’s partly funded by the Commonwealth Government. 

There’s a heap of opportunities available if you choose the path of an apprenticeship, from carpentry to brick laying through to estimating and surveying there’s definitely a career path to suit you. 
You don’t even have to go to university. You can obtain a satisfying and financially stable career and the skills you do learn with an apprenticeship can be used anywhere in the world.
One way to celebrate the hard work of apprentices throughout WA is through the Master Builders Association Apprentice of the year awards and this years awards were a great success. 
To find an apprentice, or to find an employer wanting to start an apprentice, head to the careers section of