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It’s easy to improve your soil even with an existing established garden, the trick is what they call the ‘Miracle clay’….. Watheroo Bentonite.  In established gardens and flower beds you can apply dry Bentonite clay to the soil surface along with some compost or aged manure and organic fertiliser.

Lightly work the clay and other organic materials carefully into the soil carefully trying to avoid damaging the plant roots.  Always remember to water in the clay well to aid its penetration into the soil.

Where digging may damage the existing plant roots, the clay can be easily watered on with a watering can.  Fill a 9L watering can up to a quarter full and then add four cups of Bentonite clay.   Thoroughly mix to dissolve the clay and then fill up the can to the top and mix again.

Carefully water this solution around the root zone of your plants to improve the water and nutrient holding capacity of your soil.  Regular applications will make a permanent difference to your garden.  The same method is also perfect for improving the water holding capacity and wettability of your potted plants.  Just water your plants as normal with regular light applications of added Bentonite clay.

Watheroo Bentonite is available in 20kg bags from all good Garden Centres and Retailers. To find out more go to