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Mick Ferrero



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What makes a good sausage? At a guess I’d say one that’s about eight inches, full of flavour and is made from the best ingredients. But even then, there’s a sausage… and there’s a sausage. It turns out the very finest are made with knowledge, passion and a lifetime of experience.

More than that in fact, how’s three generations. That’s exactly what goes into every snag made by the British Sausage Factory. A recipe that originated in the UK, was passed from father to son and has made its way to our shores here in WA.

Now I’d heard a lot of great things about Mick’s Ferrero and his sausages. As the owner of the British Sausage Factory, I took on the job of finding out the secret to his success. His answer, by no surprise, was the ingredients, and WA has some of the best.

Mick then guided me through the range… all had my mouth watering. From leek & pepper pork to roast beef and mushroom, I quickly realised the time was now for a taste test. And what a terrific decision that was. Each ingredient had been delicately measured to come together in perfect sausage harmony.