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Our Coastal Plain has some of the most impoverished soils on the planet like these grey gutless Bassendean sands, so if you have trouble growing plants it’s not entirely your fault. But you are able to do something about it.

To increase the wettability and water holding capacity of these notoriously hard to wet soils and allow for the deeper penetration of water into the root zone, Colin Barlow from Gardens from Eden recommends a once off application of Watheroo Bentonite Clay.

Watheroo Bentonite clay is rich in Calcium and Magnesium, producing rapid and long lasting results in poor sandy soils, even more so when combined with the addition of organic matter and compost.

In established gardens, you can add a large handful of Bentonite clay into the bottom of each new planting hole and mix it in with some good quality soil conditioner or compost.  You can even dissolve it in a watering can and pour it over the soil.

Not all clays are the same and when compared to most Kaolin clays, Watheroo Bentonite clay has around 20 times the surface area and over 4 times the capacity to hold onto water and nutrients.  So why would you buy four bags of Kaolin clay products when you only need of one of Bentonite clay.
So for improved results and to save money, always ask for Watheroo Bentonite if you want to make a permanent difference to your soil and garden.

Watheroo Bentonite Clay is available from good Garden Centres and Retailers so you can improve your ‘Garden for Life’.