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To date, it's estimated that about ninety percent of the buildings in Perth are constructed using a very traditional material that we've all grown up with... bricks. 

But recently an alternative began raising a few eyebrows. In fact, more than that, this building solution has not only been a hit in regional areas, it's now gained traction in the city's too. I'm talking about modular homes, and the reason they're so popular? Well there's quite a few.

I spoke to Roger Piggott from TR Homes to tell me why there's a  growth in demand. He explained they provide tailored solutions at many different price levels and for different markets (affordable end, high end and multi-unit) and include high level finishes.

Because they're built on site construction is cheaper and quicker. The home also have many energy efficient advantages.

Geoff Cooper, Director of Housing from Master Builders WA then went on to say 'modular housing is a growing segment of the market, and we need to make sure we are servicing our builder members. We also have had a lot of interest from builders who want to demonstrate that modular homes can offer high quality product to the market with high level finishes'.

'We want people to see that modular builders offer different solutions to the market here in perth to accommodate unique sites and unique client demands'.