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Declan Mcguire


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When we think about our lovely backyard pool and keeping it healthy, we generally think of either chlorine or salt. But what if I told you there’s actually a third alternative. A chlorine free alternative.

It’s called AquaFresh and it’s a fully automated system that has been brought to Australia by West Aussie company Pool Controls.You see, Aqua Fresh is completely non-hazardous; it’s gentle on your skin and eyes and it’s been used throughout the USA and Europe for over 20 years. 

So if we’re not using chlorine or salt then how does the Aqua Fresh system work? Well the active ingredient is PHMB - POLY HEXAMETHYL BIGUANIDE, the name is long but what it does is pretty simple. It basically kills bacteria. 
It’s actually been widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical world as an antimicrobial. And as well as killing all those bugs it also gives you outstanding water clarity. 

The AquaFresh system has been approved by the APVMA and is a fresh alternative to chlorine and salt and for those that love their hair, well with AquaFresh you’ll never get bleached or have colour changes so you can rest easy. 

AquaFresh water is also gentle on swimwear.

And if you suffer with asthma or allergies then this system could be for you. There’s no longer any chlorine to cause sneezes and reactions. It’s just pure, clean water that is odour free! 

If you’re interested in the new AquaFresh system then give Pool Controls a call on 1300 550 010 they’ll be able to look at your situation and help you decide on the best option.