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Between working, socialising and family commitments there isn’t much time left to think about other things, especially your backyard pool – so Poolwerx have decided to make looking after your pool a little easier for the time poor.
Maintaining your pool can be a lot easier than it is with a robotic cleaner and automatic sanitizing system from Poolwerx.

The robotic cleaner is exclusive to Poolwerx and cleans and scrubs almost any size and shape residential pool.  With two types to choose from, both use the latest pool mapping and positioning technology to give you a perfect clean every time.

These cleaners will save you time by reducing the need for constant backwashing and it also helps circulate pool chemicals making sure that pool of your stays nice and healthy.
Along with the pool cleaner, you can also keep your pool in top shape with the Salt and Swim 3C chlorinator from Hayward. This chlorination system will make sure you swim in silky soft water and more importantly that your eyes don’t go red. 

It’s so convenient, as you don’t have to lug around heavy buckets of chlorine, you’ll also save buckets of money as this chlorinator produces more chlorine at half the cost. 

So make sure you pop into your local Poolwerx store to check out their robotic cleaners and chlorinators. Enjoy your summer with Poolwerx the healthy pool people.