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Whenever a see a beautiful garden full of flowers and vegies, I always like to stop and take a closer look.  The owners of great looking gardens usually have some tales and tips to share! And of course they love plants and plant swapping.

This garden is a plant lover’s paradise with a colourful and interesting combination of natives, roses, perennials and cottage garden plants.  

The secret to a healthy garden is a healthy soil and this garden is living proof.  Previously over 10 years ago it was grey gutless sand so the owners brought in huge amounts of clay, compost and lawn clippings to improve the soil along with a liquid soil conditioner and fertiliser.  

This soil is now teaming with worms, micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria to improve the soil and plant growth by making plant nutrients more available to the plants. There are some fertilisers and chemicals that can harm these hidden soil workers, so what can you do to keep your soil and plants in perfect harmony?  By using a quality organically based dynamic fertiliser and soil conditioner.  That way you can look after both the plants above the ground and the good guys in the soil. 

PowerFeed is made with a unique formula that combines the benefits of macro – nutrients and trace elements, fish, proteins, amino acids and natural soil conditioners to boost overall plant growth and vigour.  It also contains liquid composts, which stimulate beneficial soil microbial activity, promoting good soil structure on all soil types including heavy clays and sandy soils which increases the availability of nutrients.

Powerfeed can be used on the whole garden including vegies, herbs and annuals, trees, shrubs, even ferns and lawns.  It’s an all round solution for a healthy garden.
Feeding your vegetables regularly will keep them thriving and keep them feeding you and it has just the right formula to encourage vigorous growth and larger yields of bigger, tastier and juicier vegetables.
If you have a larger garden or veggie patch like this one, you can use the hose-on PowerFeed spray pack, it's so easy to apply and it even comes with a friend for added value!  Just ten minutes is all it takes to apply the ready-to-use 2-litre hose-on spray pack. Covering 100 squares metres, Powerfeed can be safely used on all your garden plants, just click on the hose and away you go.

Apply the original Powerfeed or any other formulation in the range every couple of weeks to keep your plants and soil in top condition.  And you too can do your bit for the environment and your garden.  All Powerfeed formulations and twin packs are available exclusively at Bunnings stores across WA and you can find out more at