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When it comes to our gardens, we all like to save as much as we can without compromising the health of our plants.  So what are the waterwise solutions to save water in the garden?  

If you have an existing garden or are designing a new one, Total Eden can provide you with everything you need from water saving drip lines and sprinklers to smart controllers and rain sensors, along with expert advice to get the job done. 

Sub surface irrigation uses less water than conventional watering systems by applying water directly to the soil and plant root zone.  This minimises loss through wind, over spray and run off. Pressure compensated individual drippers deliver precise amounts of water to each plant, even on sloping sites. 

The MP Rotator is a revolutionary sprinkler that delivers higher uniformity and a larger radius at lower water flow rates. It is perfect for areas with low water pressure and subject to windy conditions.  The multiple jets of water use 30% less water than conventional sprinklers and can even be retro fitted onto existing sprinklers.

The innovative Hydrawise Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller allows you to access your irrigation system from anywhere in the world, using your iPhone, iPad, Android device or web browser.  Your garden’s watering schedule can be automatically adjusted, based on the weather conditions in your local area, without any need for you to install your own weather station or rain sensor.  It is available in 6 and 12 station models, which are expandable.

Total Eden can provide you with the best water saving solutions for your garden.  They have stores all over WA or go to and find the one near you.