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What’s the smartest investment to make when you are setting up a new garden or renovating an older one?   
While people spend lots of money on the plants, irrigation, paving and more, very little is spent on the soil.  What if I told you there is a one-off product that can make a permanent difference to your garden and budget?

Natural Watheroo Bentonite clay improves the poorly structured soils typical of Perth’s coastal plain. This then reduces water and fertiliser use providing long term benefits for your plants, garden and the environment.  

When planting apply around 3kg of Bentonite clay, a 2cm layer of soil conditioner, compost or aged manure and a handful of organic fertiliser per square metre and dig it in 20 to 30cms deep. 

Bentonite clay permanently improves the soil structure by coating the sand grains attracting humus, organic matter and silt to form aggregates.  This increases the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.

Colin Barlow from Gardens from Eden always uses Watheroo Bentonite clay on his landscaping projects due to its superior water and nutrient holding capacity, plus it’s easy to use. You only need to apply 3kg compared to over 10kg plus of Kaolin type clays.

If you want your garden to thrive this summer use Watheroo Bentonite clay, it’s the smart way to save money and look after your plants for the long term!

You can pick up Watheroo Bentonite in 20kg bags from good garden centres and retailers. To find out more go to