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As the housing market moves through it's various cycles, it's our goal here on the show to keep up to date with the very latest trends. Perhaps even see into the future a little. And right now something is on the move. It's a demand for fast, high quality home building solutions. And there's one company that's leading the way. In fact, This is a partnership of two industry giants, The Summit Homes Group and Bluescope Steel, who feel now is the perfect time to showcase their range of innovative, modular granny flats. And what better place to find out what they're up to than Summit's 6000m2 purpose built facility.

The frame is made by Truecore Steel and the roof is by Colorbond. Both were recently launched as Bluescopes next generation with an improved environmental footprint and corrosive properties. Construction includes heat resistant technology, termite resistance and 22 Colorbondcolors to choose from.

The great thing about what they're doing by making the homes here in this purpose built facility is that supervision and quality control is around the clock, it's more cost effective saving you money, and they're made fast. 10 - 12 weeks on average!

Summit will guide you through the entire building process including measurements, custom designs, the build itself and then delivery. From there they're literally loaded onto a truck and transported to you. During the shoot, I was given the chance to see how easily the homes are transported.

The process Summit has adopted makes the entire building journey quick and stress free. The homes can be tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than conventional construction and because they're premade indoors, if it rains, work simply goes on!