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When it comes to installing irrigation, it’s not as hard as it seems.  You just need to learn a few tips from the experts at Total Eden.

For example, when connecting to the mains water supply, always use a check valve to prevent back-flow. You may require a cut in from the mains if you don’t already have one and this must be carried out by a licensed plumber. 

Another tip to make installing valves easier is to prepare them beforehand by covering the thread of the valve sockets with thread tape and then screwing them into the valves, tightening with grips.  Check the direction of the arrow and then just glue them in place in the line. Then take one wire and connect it to the common wire which is usually black. This will run back to the controller terminal marked common.  Waterproof connectors can be used to make them secure.  Connect the other wire to a coloured wire which will run back to one of the numbered zones on the controller. Each valve should have a different coloured wire.  Then plug AC adapter into a wall socket.

When installing sprinklers, it is best to use risers on faucet tees; these can be poly or PVC.  Articulated risers make height adjustments so much easier and using filters in the nozzles will help to avoid blockages.

If you are using micro sprays in garden beds they can be simply placed wherever they need to go with this handy little tool that punches holes in the pipe.  This makes it easy, who says work can’t be a lot of fun!

To have a go at installing your own irrigation, head down to your local Total Eden store or call 1300 657 099