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As WA's largest not for profit organisation for Aged Care  services, Retirement Villages and accommodation for Seniors, Bethanie has been dedicated to excellence for 60 years. 

One of their goals is to raise standards and encourage excellence across the whole Industry. So, each year the Bethanie Medallion recognises excellence across a wide range of fields, with the aim of promoting better care for older Western Australians.
The Bethanie Medallion acknowledges an individual or organisation that delivers a consistently high standard of service within the Aged Care sector. Awards are presented for excellence in a range of areas including recognising care from nurses and carers; organisations and associations, high quality media reporting, and volunteering to help aged care.

In fact, there are nearly 600 volunteers working with Bethanie and Medallions are presented across three categories - Organisation, Individual and to a Student or school who goes above and beyond their education and community programs to service aged care.

Caring for older Western Australians and ensuring that they enjoy a high quality of care and an equally high quality of life is something that requires the contributions of many organisations, professionals and volunteers. And with their Medallion awards, Bethanie not only recognises the contributions made, it also encourages all those involved in the Aged Care sector to strive for excellence.

Find out more about the Bethanie Medallion, the big winners on the day and about Bethanie in general by visiting or call Bethanie Connect on 131 151.
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