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Over the years improved forms of soft leaved buffalo grass have become increasingly popular but they still require the right care to keep them looking their best and today I am going to show you how.  

Varieties of soft leaved buffalo such as Sir Walter, Palmetto, Shademaster, Matilda, Kings Pride and Sapphire make terrific lawns for full sun and up to 70% shade. They can grow where couch lawn won’t, in shade under trees plus they don’t have the problem of running into your garden beds.

Buffalo lawns are best mown with a rotary lawn mower rather than a cylinder mower which is usually set around 12mm high and cuts them much too short.  This then puts the lawn under stress and increases water usage.  Cutting between 35-65mm high is best with around 50mm ideal for optimum health.  Buffalo lawns spread by stolons and can take longer than other types of grasses to recover after wear or the colder winter months, so feeding your buffalo lawn is extremely important 

Scotts Lawn Builder Buffalo has been specially formulated to bring out the best in your buffalo lawn with the right blend of nutrients and trace elements.  It builds your lawn from the roots up to thicken and strengthen the grass, crowding out the weeds in the process.  The slow release fertiliser contains Scotts patented timed-release Nitrogen and all the nutrients necessary for optimum growth.

The added Iron provides a quick green up for your lawn without the extra mowing, surge growth or work!  One application will keep your lawn well fed for up to 10 weeks and it can be quickly and easily applied by hand, hand-held spreader or the broadcast spreader for larger areas.  The EvenGreen Drop Spreader is perfect for applying Lawn Builder where there are garden beds, or water features that may be affected by fertiliser over throw.  And it’s safe on your lawn until it next rains –there is no need to water it in.

If your lawn is a little thin or patchy there is a way to thicken your lawn and keep it green and lush, even through the winter months just like the professional sports field managers do!  And it comes in a handy box!

First mow the lawn and then work out the size of your lawn in square metres by measuring the length by the width of the lawn.   Shake the box well and apply 2 handfuls per square metre.  One 1.4Kg box will over sow 50 square metres.

Lawn Thickener is suitable for any type of lawn and contains a premium professional blend of perennial rye grass and tall fescue grasses to complement your existing lawn providing a year round green lawn, which will help protect against weed invasion by filling sparse patches.  Spread the seed by carefully moving backwards over the area ensuring that the seeds are evenly dispersed.

The inclusion of Lawn Builder slow release lawn food in Lawn Thickener provides a sustained feed for three months during the establishment period helping to re-invigorate your existing lawn.  Using a soft spray, water the area deeply and keep evenly moist for the first three weeks to aid establishment.  Avoiding mowing during this time otherwise you will pick up or disturb the seeds.

If you have a Buffalo lawn or a worn lawn that just needs a pick me up, Scotts can provide you with the professional solution for a thicker and greener lawn all year round and don’t forget there is an easy way to take the guesswork out of spreading them by using a Scotts spreader.

Lawn Thickener and all Lawn Builder formulations are available at throughout WA at Bunnings stores and you can find out more at