Seasol For Lush Green Lawns

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The owner of this garden knows the secret to a lush green healthy lawn… it’s a liquid fertiliser and health treatment all in one.It doesn’t matter whether your lawn looks as good as this one or is sparse, worn and struggling to grow; there is a solution to give your lawn a boost.

Seasol For Lush Green Lawns not only feeds and revitalises your lawn, but also conditions the soil, which means you are taking care of your lawn above and below the ground.Applying Seasol to your lawn is a great way to boost its overall health by promoting root growth and making it more resistant to pests, diseases and stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic. 

Each ready-to- use 2-litre Seasol for Lush Green Lawns hose-on spray pack covers 100 square metres and it only takes ten minutes to apply.  

Seasol for Lush Green Lawns combines the benefits of Seasol with a specifically formulated nutrient mix, plus trace elements to stimulate growth and enhance foliage colour.It also contains highly concentrated liquid composts and a wetting agent to increase soil friability, stimulate beneficial microbesand reduce nutrient leaching providing a superior health treatment and boost for your lawn.  

The fast-acting soluble formulation of Seasol for Lush Green Lawns will ensure that you’ll see results in no time and your lawn may begin to look as good as this one.  You can pick up Seasol for Lush Green Lawns at all good garden centres and retailers and you can find out more at